What is blockchain’s role in the private equity world?

How has COVID-19 accelerated key trends impacting this role?

BlockApps and Bloccelerate aka Bloc(kApps|celerate) teamed up for a webinar (with Q&A) providing Private Equity companies with an overview on how blockchain will impact the operations, security and revenue streams of their portfolio companies.

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Top Blockchain Use Cases (Gartner 2020)

BOLD items are Accelerated by COVID-19
  • Payment/Settlement
  • Provenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Identity Mgmt / KYC
  • Shared Record Keeping
  • Trade Finance
  • Other
  • Trading
  • Claims
  • Loyalty and Reward
  • Internal Record Keeping
  • Smart Cities/IoT
  • Voting
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Webinar Recording

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Key Takeaways

“If there’s one takeaway from this webinar its that we’re seeing the COVID-19 pandemic as an INFLECTION POINT for blockchain adoption. You have a choice to either ignore it or pay attention – and we encourage you to do the latter.”

“This is a self-selected, sophisticated blockchain group – so the results might be even MORE telling of how things will evolve.”

“Revenues are down, personal incomes are down; so EVERYONE – but businesses especially – are looking at COST CUTTING measures to remain afloat… ways to more efficiently use labor and automate their operations to a greater degree… this is where blockchain technologies are particularly relevant.”

Kieren James-Lubin, CEO & President, BlockApps

3 High Impact Trends

Increasing Automation

  • Intro @ 14:32
  • Top 3 Use Cases @ 14:54
  • 3 Challenges with Automated Record Keeping @ 17:00
  • Blockchain Solution for Automated Record Keeping @ 19:56 

Reducing Contact

  • Intro @ 27:54
  • Top 3 Use Cases @ 28:30
  • 3 Challenges with Contactless Identity Management @ 29:49
  • Blockchain Solutions for Contactless Identity Management @ 32:10

Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience

  • Intro @ 42:50
  • Top 3 Use Cases @ 14:54
  • 4 Challenges with Provenance & Asset Tracking @ 42:35
  • Blockchain Solution for Provenance & Asset Tracking @ 47:58

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