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Build decentralized applications
with BlockApps

Developers use BlockApps STRATO to build, deploy, and manage blockchains.

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BlockApps is the best way to build, manage, and deploy blockchain applications.

STRATO, BlockApps’s flagship product, is a full-stack technology solution that
allows you to build industry-specific Blockchain applications on top of your own customized
permissioned private, consortium (semi-private) ledgers, public Blockchain ledgers, or on the
permission-less public Ethereum platform.

Build with existing tools

Develop applications in hours. Use existing Javascript, Visual Studio, and scripting skills.

Manage your applications

Initialize your application on Microsoft Azure. Deploy and manage multiple nodes on any cloud as you scale.

Integrate with your workflow

Use the BlockApps REST API and Mobile SDK to incorporate to any web, mobile and legacy applications within your environment.

BlockApps enabled UPGRADED to create a smart ticketing system which leverages the power of Ethereum’s smart contract functionality.

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