An innovative marketplace tokenizing & trading exclusive clothing and coveted sneakers.


Revolutionizing Reselling

Mercata Collectibles is changing the game by bringing the high-value items resale market on-chain and allowing investors and collectors to capitalize on the benefits of web3.

Ownership Transparency
Global Accessibility
Fractional Ownership and Investment
Authenticated Items
Increased Liquidity

We’re tokenizing collectibles to enable higher volumes of trading without the hassle of shipping them with every sale.

How it works


Send your sneakers to Mercata Collectibles.

Our authenticator will verify the authenticity of the sneakers to ensure they are legitimate. Once authenticated, we will assist the seller to create a listing.

The seller is issued an NFT representing the pair of sneakers.

When the NFT is sold, ownership is transferred, and the user receives their profits.

The new owner can choose to keep the NFT and repeat the process from Step 3, or they can retire the NFT and redeem the physical pair of sneakers, delivered by mail.

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