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Leverage blockchain technology to produce more food and less waste

The agriculture and food industry is poised for disruption, as it must face the dual challenge of meeting a growing population’s needs and working under growing regulation and unpredictable climate conditions.

Farms can drastically range in size and complexity – from small single-product fields, to large industrialized systems with a full operational staff. This variety causes issues for suppliers of the products that farmers use to make their goods (equipment, seeds, livestock).

The core of most use cases lies in supply chain management — for example, industrial agricultural manufacturers face difficulties tracking the purchase, use, and distribution of their supplies; and determining what goods had been created using them.

BlockApps’ STRATO network is a blockchain solution uniquely equipped to build a productive, efficient, and sustainable network for the agriculture and food industry.

Feeding the World’s Growing Population
  • Producing Higher Yields and Reducing Waste
  • Supporting Smallholder Farmers
  • Improving Food Traceability
  • Enhancing Food Safety & Building Consumer Trust
Dealing with an Unpredictable Climate
  • Using Tech to Protect Farms from Natural Disasters
  • Improving Insurance for Agricultural Enterprises
  • Adopting Sustainable Practices without Losing Productivity 
Bolstering Financial Systems
  • Improving Land Management and Registration Systems
  • Protecting Pricing to Buffer from Price Volatility
  • Driving more Effective Subsidies
Efficiently Integrating New Technology
  • Integrating New Farm Management Software (FMS) with Legacy Systems
  • Accelerating a Slow Adoption Curve
  • Building a Database to enable Data-Driven Decision Making

BlockApps’ TraceHarvest is the first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products starting at the seed source. See how you fit in with TraceHarvest.

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