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Secure and streamline government operations with blockchain

Government entities need more detailed and real-time tracking of high-value assets coupled with heightened data security.

BlockApps’ fully integrated Web3 tools track assets and key events across vendors and agencies, ensuring data integrity and better system interoperability. Our platform is built on proven technology with applications running in production for several years and scales to easily add new products, use-cases, and integrations.

Federal Level
  • Source data is pulled directly from systems of record, methodology is tracked and automated
  • Vendor-to-Agency and Agency-to-Agency transfer tracking streamlines operations and reduces slippage
  • High assurance asset maintenance log present, updated, and unified as asset transfers across parties
  • Critical information is encrypted for increased data security
Municipal Level
  • Direct digital access to Historic Registry information
  • Transparent approval process for proposed development and maintenance on historic properties
  • Highly secure and reliable record of approved transactions with data visibility for city employees and residents
  • Establishes model for further digitization of city assets

NetworkGov provides the infrastructure for governments — from federal to municipal — to embrace Web3 technology and make operations more secure and efficient.

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