Digitizing Real-World Assets


A flexible blockchain solution for building and running business networks

STRATO serves as the base layer for secure business network transactions and activity, creating a highly extensible platform for business groups to use.

Fortune 500 companies, industry-owned businesses, and software startups alike trust and use STRATO because it is built with the enterprise-grade standards defined by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and offers the most robust set of features in the industry.

STRATO can be deployed on any major cloud provider and can be configured for many types business activities. STRATO is built integrate with other systems while providing clear control over data access and privacy.

STRATO is used to build self-owned extensible business networks that serve as the transactional and collaborative backbone for end-to-end business processes while enhancing security, performance, trust and transparency in the business value chain.

Tokenize Real-World Assets

Transaction Components (Ownership Transfer, Unique Identifiers, Physical Location, etc)

Add Value with
Transparency Data

Transparency Components (Product Details, Events, Certifications / Verification, etc)

Create Value Chain Incentives/Residuals

Incentive Components (Participation Offers, Calculation, etc)

Exchange/Trade Assets
strato features

Powerful Web3 tools designed to enhance security, performance, and trust in the business value chain


Granular data privacy settings and controls


Detailed control of network governance

Cloud Agnostic

Run on most major cloud providers


Handle higher network activity levels


Third-party access and input to the network


Advanced audit & search/reporting capabilities

Data Migration

Efficiently & quickly add data to networks (ETL)

Identity Management

Use existing enterprise sign-on systems


Choice of voting mechanism (PBFT, PoW)

Developer Tools

Tool suite for enterprise developers

Application Portability

Transfer other blockchain apps into STRATO

Enterprise Data Modeling

Use existing enterprise data models


STRATO is designed with flexibility in mind

Flexible & Secure Access: Each STRATO instance connects to the external world through a secure authentication layer that ensures security and convenience for its users. Both external (e.g. SAP) and internally-developed applications can use standard API requests to get and send information to the blockchain network.

Fast & Accurate Data: STRATO efficiently stores data on the blockchain, keeping transaction data readily available to those who need access while ensuring private network information is secure.

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