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Current Challenge

Investing in raw materials and commodities, such as nickel, can be challenging for the average individual.

Lack of access to physical material
Commodity market complexity
High capital requirements
Lack of diversification
Regulatory considerations

We’re tokenizing nickel to meet the growing demand in the energy storage and transportation sectors.

How it works


Individuals and companies who want to own nickel commit to purchase a fixed quantity of nickel. Nickel can be purchased in increments of 5kg.

Once enough commitments are made to fund a bulk purchase, we will send an alert to fulfill the committed value. Participants will have 72 hours to complete funding.

Once funds are collected, we buy a pallet of nickel at current spot prices and send it to our partner’s storage facility.

Tokenized nickel is distributed to funders in proportion to the amount of money they put in, net of fees.

When you wish to sell your nickel, you may do so through the Mercata Marketplace.

Marketplace Yesterday

  • Mainly institutional in focus
  • Contract size in the tons
  • Market hours are limited

Marketplace Tomorrow

  • Democratized access
  • Contract size fractionalized
  • Market is open 24/7

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