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Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Produce more Food and Less Waste

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Top Industry Challenges

The agriculture and food industry is poised for disruption, as it must face the dual challenge of meeting a growing population’s needs and working under growing regulation and unpredictable climate conditions.

Feeding the World’s Growing Population

  • Producing Higher Yields and Reducing Waste

  • Supporting Smallholder Farmers

  • Improving Food Traceability to Drive Safety and Build Consumer Trust

Bolstering Financial Systems

  • Improving Land Management and Registration Systems

  • Protected Pricing to Buffer from Price Volatility

  • Driving more Effective Subsidies

Dealing with an Unpredictable Climate

  • Using Tech to Protect Farms from Natural Disasters

  • Improving Insurance for Agricultural Enterprises

  • Adopting Sustainable Practices without Losing Productivity (e.g. Precision Fertilizer to limit Nitrogen use)

Efficiently Integrating New Technology

  • Integrate New Farm Management Software (FMS) with Legacy Systems

  • Accelerate a Slow Adoption Curve

  • Building a Database to enable Data-Driven Decision Making

BlockApps’ STRATO platform is a blockchain solution uniquely equipped to build a productive, efficient, and sustainable network for the agriculture and food industry.

Top Industry Solutions


Traceability & SCM for Agriculture

The agricultural supply chain is convoluted, complex, and lacks any form of traceability, creating a significant consumer trust deficit and inefficiencies for all stakeholders.


Parametric Crop Insurance

Crop insurance processes are costly for all stakeholders, and unequipped to face increasingly frequent and unpredictable agricultural losses.


Agricultural Land Reclamation

Land reclamation is a great solution to fertilizer's mining footprint, however, it relies on huge amounts of accurate and granular soil data to be effective.


Efficient Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is not generating the returns it needs to, with challenges such as incomplete data driving a yield deficit of 15-20% and growing resource waste.


Fertilizer Subsidy Payments

The $25 billion that the USDA allocates to fertilizer subsidy payments does not always reach its intended effect, with frequent misallocation, delays, and inefficiencies.


Protected Food Pricing

The agriculture and food industry is sensitive to political and economic conditions and therefore inherently volatile, with increasingly frequent and dramatic price changes.


Farm Management Software

Integrating farm management software with pervasive traditional systems is a complicated task, slowing adoption and limiting the industry's growth.

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