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In May of 2019 Forbes reported that 92% of Blockchain Proof-of-Concepts had failed.

Fast forward 11 months; enterprise blockchain projects – at least, those using BlockApps STRATO – continue to scale to production and beyond!

…however, many organizations continue to struggle to find a path to success – both in and beyond – their POC.

BlockApps’ Mark Caraway speaks with dozens of enterprise blockchain companies every day and he has an update to Forbes’ report.

Hear from someone at the front lines of enterprise blockchain in Mark’s upcoming webinar: Rescuing & Scaling Your Enterprise POC

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  • What are the biggest symptoms of a struggling POC?

  • How can I salvage my blockchain POC?

  • Why is real-world usage at scale so challenging for blockchain products?

  • How do I scale my blockchain development quickly and effectively to show ROI?

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