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TraceHarvest is the first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products starting at the seed source.


Complete agricultural product lifecycle traceability

Developed in collaboration with Bayer Crop Science, the leading technology innovator in the agriculture industry, the BlockApps TraceHarvest Application brings supply chain efficiencies, transparency, compliance and stewardship to agricultural products and sets new standards in sustainability, driving digital transformation, and food system resiliency that will shape the future of the agriculture industry.

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TraceHarvest Features


TraceHarvest provides new solutions around food quality and transparency, tracking your products journey with full visibility.


For products like seeds, TraceHarvest provides a full picture of stewardship as they are sold, exchanged, planted, harvested, and processed.

Safety & Sustainability

TraceHarvest enables you to optimize your own operations promoting both sustainability and consumer well-being.


TraceHarvest’s global platform is highly scalable, allowing you to add more business processes, use cases, and tech integrations.


TraceHarvest increases efficiencies in compliance data collection, providing both faster and stronger overall proof of compliance.


TraceHarvest allows real-time information exchange to all parties to identify and address product tracking and integrity issues faster and more securely.


Designed to connect all aspects of the agribusiness value chain

  • Farmers & Growers
  • Seed & Input Providers
  • Farm Equipment Manufacturers
  • Crop Protection & Chemical Companies
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Firms & Retailers
  • AgTech, IoT & Precision Agriculture Companies
  • Shipping & Logistics Services
  • Farm Financing & Insurance Providers
  • Cloud & Network Technology Providers
  • Regulators & Data Standards Bodies

Seed traceability on TraceHarvest

For agriculture products like seeds, TraceHarvest provides a full picture of stewardship as they are sold, exchanged, planted, harvested and processed.

In collaboration with Bayer Crop Science, the application has been built and tested to the highest industry standard for traceability and provides a first and best-in-class solution for the grain industry.

This solution has been tested over the course of several growing seasons to track the lifecycle and status of Bayer’s highest-value agricultural products, including soybeans and corn, from sale and planting through harvest.

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Input Providers

Track seed provenance farther downstream, in real-time, from a single source of truth at lower costs.


Real-time inventory and logistics information with clear, reliable transaction data for future planning/pricing.


Standardized, automated compliance checks; richer, more reliable accounting information and crop data.


Clear crop provenance, logistical, and financial information for better compliance and inventory/revenue forecasting capabilities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TraceHarvest?

The TraceHarvest Application is the first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products, starting at the seed source. It was created in cooperation with one of the world’s largest seed providers, Bayer Crop Science.

TraceHarvest is designed to connect all aspects of the agribusiness value chain, bringing supply chain efficiencies, transparency, compliance, and stewardship to agricultural products.

TraceHarvest will set new standards in sustainability, driving digital transformation, and food system resiliency that will shape the future of the agriculture industry.

What problem is TraceHarvest solving?

Current farm-to-table solutions don’t capture information about the seed source, which contains some of the most important information about the agricultural products we consume.

TraceHarvest improves traceability, providing a clearer picture of where our ingredients come from for food processors. Seed providers benefit from being able to see how their products are used and improved stewardship compliance.

TraceHarvest’s enhanced traceability also provides the means to solve problems beyond the seeds themselves; promoting both sustainability and consumer well-being through solutions including carbon offset crediting, outcome-based pricing, and safer, faster food recalls.

How does TraceHarvest use blockchain?

TraceHarvest uses a permissioned blockchain ledger (also known as an enterprise blockchain) to track the status of agricultural products. It does not use cryptocurrency or any open public networks.

TraceHarvest also uses Solidity smart contracts – a unique feature of the Ethereum blockchain protocol – in order to program and automate business activities and rules into the TraceHarvest network.

Importantly, TraceHarvest then runs on the BlockApps STRATO blockchain platform, which makes it truly enterprise-grade and production-ready. Visit FAQs for more information, starting with blockchain 101.

How does TraceHarvest keep information private?

Data privacy is a key priority of the TraceHarvest network. As a permissioned blockchain network, all network participants are known and secure within the network.

All members of the network voluntarily contribute and own their data – information is kept private within TraceHarvest and never shared with any network member without consent.

How does TraceHarvest compare to other agriculture blockchain technologies?

TraceHarvest is the first agricultural traceability solution to start the very beginning of the growing process: the seed source.

Other blockchain solutions tend to focus on the ‘farm-to-table’ segment of the value chain, or on improving crop trading.

This is why we don’t consider other current blockchain solutions as competitive; we see a future where these other blockchains interoperate with TraceHarvest.

How do you join TraceHarvest?

TraceHarvest is now open to new members, and we’re already seeing high levels of interest from companies across the value chain.

Input providers (e.g. seeds, crop protection) and food companies are encouraged to join today and see the benefits of TraceHarvest seed traceability.

Any agriculture business or partner that wants to be part of the industry’s transformation is also welcome.

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Members of the agribusiness value chain – including farmers, manufacturers, distributors, processors, and technology providers – can now join TraceHarvest. Contact us to learn more about how blockchain technology can meet your business needs.


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