Pick a STRATO tier that meets your needs

BlockApps offers STRATO in different tiers based on the scale and complexity of your project or program.

STRATO with Self-Hosting Starter
for small scale networks with all basic features
for mid-size networks with more data control
for large-scale networks with advanced features
STRATO can be hosted with on-premise servers or on cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. $250 /month per node $900
$810 /month per node
with annual plan (10% off)
$935 /month per node
with annual plan (15% off)
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Cloud Agnostic🛈Deployable on any major cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure)
Audit Trail🛈View the history of all states of a smart contract over time
APIs🛈Easily connect existing IT infrastructure, applications, and vendors to data in the network with RESTful API requests
Analytics🛈Use SQL-style commands to quickly search the entire network for transactions, users, or other information. View any dimension of transaction or member data
Identity Management🛈User management using an embedded OAuth provider (e.g., KeyCloak)
(embedded OAuth provider)
Pluggable Consensus🛈Customize the consensus mechanism (e.g. PoW, PBFT) of a network
Data Privacy🛈Keep data or entire networks private to specific parties
Data Migration🛈Rapidly import existing data of any size into a new network
External Storage🛈Store, attest and download large files off chain for efficiency and convenience
Identity Management🛈Login to the network using existing enterprise-style credentials and authorization systems
(any OAuth provider)
Business Network🛈Easily onboard and manage network members with built-in tools & functions
(Consortium onboarding and governance)
Business Network🛈Out-of-the-box monitoring and dashboards including the Central Management Dashboard (CMD)
(Network monitoring tools and dashboard)
Network Details
Maximum Number of Cores per Node 🛈The maximum computing cores available on each node in this tier 2 8 Unlimited
Minimum Number of Nodes 🛈The minimum number of required nodes in the network in this tier 1 4 10
Additional Node Fee 🛈The cost for extra nodes beyond the minimum for this tier
(per month)
N/A $1,500 $1,350
with annual plan (10% off)
$1,100 $935
with annual plan (15% off)
Transactions Per Node Included 🛈The maximum number of transactions allowed per node (additional costs apply beyond this transaction limit)
(per month)
100 K 500 K 1 Million
Additional Transaction Fee 🛈The cost for additional transactions beyond the allowable transaction limit for this tier
(per transaction)
$0.0015 $0.0010 $0.0007
Platform Maintenance 🛈Integration of new features and enhancements on the platform
Ongoing platform maintenance and upgrades
Payment Discount 🛈Percentage discount on node costs with purchase of an annual license N/A 10% discount on advance annual payment 15% discount on advance annual payment
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