Blockchain on GCP

11:30am Welcome from Erik Nordlander, GV + Lunch 
12:00pm Shaul Kfir, Digital Asset, speaks to partnership with GCP & development experience 
12:30pm Googlers John Lee & Paul Mattei present on GCP + Trillian 
1:00pm Peter Wilson, Blockchain, dives deep on Blockchain's GCP architecture 
1:30pm Konstantin Ritcher, Blockdaemon, presents on deploying nodes-as-a-service on GCP 
2:00pm Kavita Gupta, ConsenSys Ventures, shares how ConsenSys invests in the Ethereum ecosystem 
2:30pm Kieren James-Lubin, BlockApps, speaks to partnership with GCP & vision 
3:00pm Open mic/discussion 
3:30pm Closing + Happy Hour

AGENDA: Kieren speaking (1) his vision for the blockchain space, (2) what BlockApps is doing, esp. in light of the partnership with Google, (3) other relevant perspective/insights.

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Press Release: Announcing The BlockApps Partner Network

BlockApps, the world’s first company to provide Blockchain training and technology for application building, is expanding its exclusive partner network. The BlockApps Partner Network , which already includes major technology players such as Microsoft, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services, is now launching a program offering openings for several in-demand partner designations. Partners will [...]

Microsoft Partners with BlockApps to provide STRATO on Azure

"Through the partnership, customers of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based business service, will have access to tools that will allow them to experiment with and build products that can digitize and automate a plethora of operations, from securities trading to cross-border payments to corporate accounting, and offer them to their own customers" - John Lilic Read [...]

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