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Learn Blockchain with BlockApps

BlockApps offers several levels of training with a curriculum that builds on the lessons of each stage, becoming progressively more complex. The first course, Introduction to Blockchain Development provides all the tools a developer needs to begin creating a decentralized application. With this foundation, including tried and tested code patterns and a strong understanding of blockchain architecture, developers can move forward to more complex application scenarios. The following levels in the development track increase in difficulty, stepping outside of standard development patterns and allowing developers to incorporate their own design ideas into their decentralized applications.

Courses are available in several cities in two formats, a two day intensive, or three evenings over three weeks after work hours.

Although it is not a strong requirement, successful candidates generally have some amount of programming experience. That said, no prior blockchain knowledge is required.

Upcoming Courses

Brooklyn, NY | September 21-22

  • Developer I is a hands on course for experienced developers
  • Participants receive a certificate of completion
  • Lots of support to make ensure participants complete the exercises
  • Complete the courses to join a network of developers

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