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Genuine Parts Tracking

Consumers and manufacturers are concerned about counterfeit goods in the marketplace. This application allows all consumables and spare parts tracking from Suppliers and OEM’s up to the Consumers.

Current Challenge

The Manufacturing Industry faces a huge challenge of parallel manufacturing and circulation of counterfeits. They creep into the Supply Chain and reach consumers who are not equipped to find out whether parts are genuine or not.

Consumables, Machine spare parts, Consumer Electronics and their spare parts, as well as Drugs are targeted, leading to loss of revenue by Manufacturers and decrease in Customer Satisfaction.

Product Overview

Our product allows each spare part to be supported and verified by the original manufacturer through Certificates, Manufacturing data at any point of time throughout the supply chain.

Product and authorized Spare Parts manufacturers are listed and registered on the blockchain and Consumers or other OEM manufacturers could request and track the parts and consumables at any point of time

APIs included to interface with relevant ERP/CRM systems

Provides validator/approval role for warranty claims


Implementation begins with Master data collection of Parts, Sub Assemblies and Consumables every manufacturer would like to place in the blockchain and then we define the supply chain through which the parts travel from Suppliers to manufacturers and up to consumers.

The inventory held is interfaced to the blockchain. At the point of verification, the Suppliers would be asked to validate the parts information with supporting document of shipment made.

On-premise, Cloud, or BaaS

Key Differentiators

  • There is no solution implemented on blockchain for genuine parts tracing and warranty, which interfaces with the Supply Chain
  • Usage of traceability along the entire supply chain is best achieved and validated on blockchain