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Sports & Entertainment Event Ticketing

Event Ticketing

Combatting counterfeit and fraudulent secondary-market ticket sales.

Context & Challenges

Mobile ticketing is the most popular purchasing method for sports and entertainment events, with customers spending over $10 million per year. However, there is a growing problem of counterfeit and fraudulent secondary-market ticket sales on unknowing consumers. The current event ticketing process can be broadly characterized with the following features:

—  Manual change management

—  Rigid ticketing options

—  Unpredictable loyalty

—  Inconsistent maintenance records

Introducing a smart ticketing solution, leveraging smart contracts on STRATO Mercata.

Solution Benefits

The creation of a smart event ticketing system that leverages STRATO Mercata’s smart contract functionality:

✓  Real-time ticket transfer capabilities

 Integrates with traditional legacy ticketing systems

✓  Enhanced analytics features, creating crucial insight into customer and market behavior

✓  Tokenization for on-ticket revenue and communication opportunities

 Immutable records (single source of truth) for tickets and transactions on the platform

 Increased security for data storage