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Monthly Meet-up: Panel Discussion & Mobile App Demo

Last week on January 31st, BlockApps hosted one of our most successful meet-ups ever at the Microsoft HQ in Manhattan.

The meet-up was comprised of a networking event followed by a panel discussion with industry experts. The panelists discussed the challenges their teams face bringing decentralized apps to life. The crowd of over 100 had some great questions for the panel and gained some great insight into the minds of mobile blockchain developers.

A big THANK YOU AGAIN to our panelists for their insights and experiences:

Shane Vitarana, Previously iOS @ TED. Made Drum Kit (as featured by Apple). Early Groupon & Orbitz. Former teen hacker. Blockchains for good. @shanev,

Michael Sena, co-founder and product lead at uPort. uPort is a decentralized identity network built on Ethereum that enables users to privately manage their identity with a mobile wallet. The goal of uPort is to make decentralized systems usable and safe for a mainstream audience.
@somemikesena, ‏

Greg Hausheer, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Lightmatter and Yale Alum. Lightmatter builds mobile, desktop, and blockchain applications across industries in the NYC area. Formerly startup advisor, engineer, and investor. LinkedIn: , LightMatter:

Victor Wong, Chairman and Co-Founder of BlockApps and serial entrepreneur. Victor has spearheaded the creation of several mobile applications, including a highly successful English/Chinese language learning app on iOS.

After the panel discussion, the BlockApps team announced new features on the STRATO Platform that allow devs to deploy mobile apps more easily than ever before. During the demonstration, guests were encouraged to launch the mobile app on their phones to experience a reimagined mobile blockchain experience.