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Driving Enterprise-Grade Ethereum Technology Standards

What is the EEA?

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a consortium of industry and Ethereum blockchain experts focused on developing enterprise-grade standards and technical specifications for Ethereum blockchain technology.

The EEA is by-far the most popular and effective standards organization in the industry. The organization is member-driven, with 100’s of participating companies such as Intel, PWC, Consensys and JP Morgan Chase.

BlockApps is a Founding Member

BlockApps is a founding member of the EEA with Victor Wong (BlockApps CPO) and Jeremy Miller (BlockApps Advisor) on the Board of Directors.

Today, BlockApps continues to contribute to the EEA with CEO Kieren James-Lubin serving as a technical sign-off for EEA specifications and other BlockApps employees regularly contributing to discussions, standards and specifications.

What is “Enterprise” Ethereum?

Ethereum blockchain technology is sometimes dubbed as Web 3.0 because it poses a revolutionary approach to networking and communications. However, the protocol and standards defined in Ethereum’s white paper and yellow paper only go so far…

Enterprises have a duty to ensure technologies are reliable and efficient enough to operate at scale and offer adequate value and security to their customers, partners, employees and stakeholders. This is where Enterprise Ethereum comes in to play.

Much like W3C for the internet, the EEA focuses on creating, documenting and maintaining standards that address enterprise requirements.

STRATO Uses Enterprise Ethereum Standards

BlockApps cares deeply about Enterprise Ethereum standards and specifications because they drive the roadmap and development of our flagship STRATO product.

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BlockApps Activity with EEA

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Recent EEA Announcements

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