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Mining Sample Tracking

Mining Sample Tracking

Improving mining sample tracking for BHP Billiton.

Context & Challenges

BHP Billiton is a Global 2000 Enterprise that discovers and extracts copper, iron, coal, and nickel samples. These high-value assets must be closely tracked as they are handled by various internal and external parties — everything from extraction location to shipment information must be known in order to comply with local and international regulations.

Previously, BHP’s mining information was tracked via email and excel spreadsheets across internal employees and public partners. When mining samples went missing, no single, real-time source of verifiable truth existed for reference.

BHP Billiton created a digital single source of truth for tracking mining samples, leveraging BlockApps.

Solution Benefits

In order to improve high-value mining sample tracking, BHP developed a web and mobile blockchain application that can be used by all their employees and partners to enter the location of mining samples and track information, all within a single, secure, and accurate source.

✓  Improved tracking of samples as they move within the organization and through external sources

 Immutable record of core sample analysis and retrieval of long-term storage

✓  Simplified regulatory oversight of drilling sites

✓  Improved compliance capabilities

 Real-time tracking capabilities

✓  Highly API extensible platform