The Agriculture Industry Could Benefit From Blockchain Technology

How can blockchain technology provide cost-savings for agriculture companies? Many of today’s agriculture businesses currently deploy different combinations of modern and antiquated technologies in an attempt to augment food safety standards and to authenticate their input purchases. Furthermore, it is estimated that poor food quality costs the agriculture industry $55.5 billion [...]

2019-07-15T15:51:28-04:00December 5, 2018|Research & Analysis|

How Blockchain Cuts Costs in Supply Chain Management

Nearly all of the world’s businesses utilize enterprise resource planning and supply chain management software. While this expensive investment in digital infrastructure has worked well, blockchain technology ushers in a new paradigm shift for supply chain management. For businesses, this means that blockchain technology can offer cost-savings that earlier supply chain technologies simply could [...]

2019-06-26T11:37:43-04:00November 27, 2018|Research & Analysis|
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