20 08, 2019

Blockchain for the Sports Entertainment Industry

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On July 31st, 2019, the NBA, NBPA, and Dapper Labs announced their planned partnership to launch NBA Top Shot, a competitive online game where users can garner unique digital collectibles whose integrity is kept through the use of blockchain technology. Dapper Labs is known for their creation of CryptoKitties, the uber popular crypto-collectible game [...]

8 01, 2019

Digital Trading Card Games – The Perfect Ethereum dApp Use Case

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CryptoKitties are one of the most popular blockchain-powered products out there - if you have not seen them, go check them out; and look at some of the very cute cats that we own:  What's so special about Cryptokitties? CryptoKittes demonstrates a few things that BlockApps believes in. Digital Asset Ownership with the Ethereum protocol: [...]

5 12, 2018

The Agriculture Industry Could Benefit From Blockchain Technology

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How can blockchain technology provide cost-savings for agriculture companies? Many of today’s agriculture businesses currently deploy different combinations of modern and antiquated technologies in an attempt to augment food safety standards and to authenticate their input purchases. Furthermore, it is estimated that poor food quality costs the agriculture industry $55.5 billion [...]

27 11, 2018

How Blockchain Cuts Costs in Supply Chain Management

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Nearly all of the world’s businesses utilize enterprise resource planning and supply chain management software. While this expensive investment in digital infrastructure has worked well, blockchain technology ushers in a new paradigm shift for supply chain management. For businesses, this means that blockchain technology can offer cost-savings that earlier supply chain technologies simply could [...]

7 08, 2018

What is Blockchain?

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Blockchain is a decentralized database that maintains a continuously-growing list of records called blocks in a data chain. Each block contains a cryptographically verified timestamp and a link to the previous block in the chain. These blocks of data are decentralized—allowing everyone in the network complete visibility, which ensures no blocks can ever be [...]

13 12, 2017

How Blockchain Will Disrupt Data Storage

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Among the variety of business verticals already utilizing Blockchain technology, data storage and cloud computing is set to for it's next evolution in just a few short years. Instead of storing files and information on your own centralized server, such as a Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3, platforms like Sia or Storj have begun using [...]

26 10, 2017

Use Cases & dApps: Blockchain & The Evolution of The Music Industry

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The First Digital Music Revolution After a boom in CD Sales during the 1990s, Napster demolished the traditional distribution methods of the music industry in 1999 and paved the way towards today’s world of streaming services. Napster did this by offering downloads via a P2P network, making almost any piece of music [...]