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STRATO for Healthcare

Leveraging Blockchain to Save Time, Money, and Lives

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Top Industry Challenges

Disruptive changes in the healthcare industry require participants to remain vigilant, compliant and competitive.

BlockApps’ STRATO platform is the blockchain solution that enables a global healthcare ecosystem of businesses, partners and competitors to transact and collaborate seamlessly across life science industry verticals.

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Blockchain for Clinical Trials
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Alten Calsoft’s BioPharma Ledger on STRATO

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has already launched a blockchain clinical trial platform on STRATO. Read about the project or blockchain for clinical trials.

Top Industry Solutions


Encrypted Health Records

The communication of healthcare records is neither secure nor efficient enough to serve its purpose, with frequent breaches data threatening the sanctity of the entire system.


Preventing Counterfeit Drugs

A complicated and opaque drug supply chain has allowed for the proliferation of counterfeit drugs, threatening customer's health and the integrity of the drug industry.


Securing Wearable Data

The success and efficiency of the rapidly growing wearable medical device market are contingent on the development of secure and efficient data sharing methods.


Protecting Genetic Data

Privacy and security concerns are slowing adoption of genomic testing, in turn limiting its ability to produce insights and better various healthcare procedures and processes.


Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing is an immensely labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly process for medical practices, hospitals and the doctors themselves. Using blockchain to manage medical credentials can cut time, costs, and the convoluted nature of the current system while keeping security and privacy at its core.


Clinical Trials Management

With the decentralized security of blockchain technology, Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) and pharmaceutical companies can radically improve both the quality and diversity of candidates selected for clinical trials


Virtual Clinical Trials

Despite being one of the most expensive parts of the modern healthcare, clinical trials are not as effective as they need to be, low recruitment particularly hindering their success.


Growing 3D Printing

3D Printing in healthcare faces several challenges, from a supply chain spanning the globe, to finding secure ways to share sensitive data, and regulating a rapidly changing industry.

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BlockApps’ Craig Recatto is an experienced industry veteran and trusted advisor to our healthcare clients and partners.

Craig is constantly researching and vetting the capabilities of blockchain to help companies in the healthcare industry. 

Craig values the input of all industry members and is available to help you determine the feasibility and value of a blockchain solution for your healthcare-related company, network or industry vertical.

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STRATO for Clinical Trials Management

With the decentralized security of blockchain technology, Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) and pharmaceutical companies can radically improve both the quality and diversity of candidates selected for clinical trials.

The current clinical trials management process is increasingly complex, spanning many stages, multiple geographic locations, various third-party vendors, data collection methods and timelines.

At present, this process lacks transparency and trust, making it difficult to manage the steps while reducing costs and protecting the integrity of the data collected.

Currently, various intermediaries slow down the entire clinical trial process, from patient recruitment to publication of results

How can blockchain help?

BlockApps has outlined the many aspects of the clinical trials process that can be improved with STRATO – increasing trust and reducing time-to-market for lifesaving drugs.
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BlockApps’ extensive partner network includes many healthcare and health-tech companies who are ready to help turn your blockchain solution ideas into a reality.

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