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Addressing Today’s Challenges in Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Adoption of blockchain technology among enterprise is happening at a rapid pace in 2020… but finding the right way to adopt blockchain definitely remains a big challenge.

BlockApps’ Mark Caraway and partner Rejolut’s own Sharat Chandra hosted a Q&A session about the challenges and how they can be addressed.

Watch the whole video here or key segments below

Major 2020 Challenges
Steep knowledge learning curves, alignment on group decisions, and business-driven (not technology-driven) goals

Blockchain ROI Framework
Mark explains the base framework for determining the ROI of an enterprise blockchain project

Key Insight: Front End vs. Backend Value

This is one one the key challenges that is limiting blockchain adoption today

“What makes a blockchain different from other technology?
Is it just a back-end technology?”
Gaurav, Webinar Participant

Building a successful blockchain MVP

The four key steps to ensure a successful MVP (minimal viable product)

(A) Get Full Validation of Market Needs
(B) Garner Technical Integration Capabilities
(C) Get Alignment on MVP from ALL Parties
(D) Create a Roadmap & Timeline Beyond MVP


More Segments by Topic

Identifying Value for Enterprise

  • ROI Framework & Projection
  • Taking a business-first approach
  • The role of the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)

Managing Costs

  • Value & Capex
  • Buying Scalable Products
  • Starting Small

Working with Regulators

  • Tech Regulation
  • “Leaning in” with governments
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Smart Cities

Key Features & Product Selection Criteria

  • Proven out-of-the-box features
  • Governance
  • Enterprise-level interoperability and integration
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Relevant Technical Partnerships