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Last Friday, BlockApps hosted a very special meetup at the WeWork S. Williamsburg office, where an intimate group of about 10 attendees had the opportunity to learn about STRATOs newest and most exciting features, released only days before the meet-up; The ‘Apps Tab’ & the internal ‘Code Editor’.

BA lead engineer Samrit Sangal presented the new features and walked guests through the steps of creating, deploying, and launching a very simple dApp to the Blockapps network. Attendees then had over an hour to play around with the functionality on their own, ask questions and ultimately launch their own dApp on the network. BlockApps Product and Engineering were able to get great feedback from the group that will help inform the next iteration of these new features.

Apps Tab:

Allows users to package dApp bundles, upload them to STRATO and launch them to test their functionality. The dApp bundles consist of a collection of Smart Contracts and a UI file so that users of the dApps can execute multiple smart contract functions using the UI that developers create to interact with the dApp.

Code Editor:

A relatively simple code/text editing tool that lets users quickly create and edit smart contracts they are writing from within the STRATO platform.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks and months as we plan to release a variety of new features and showcase them at additional BlockApps meetups like this one.