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BlockApps & AWS

Partnership Overview

Blockchain on AWS

BlockApps and AWS launched their partnership in 2017 when STRATO was made available through the AWS cloud marketplace.

This marketplace offering allows AWS marketplace customers to deploy a blockchain network in just a few minutes, helping drive the concept of BaaS (blockchain as a service) as we know it today.

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Projects with AWS

Many of BlockApps’ clients and partners opt to use AWS for their STRATO projects because of the convenience and scale it offers.

By leveraging the scale-as-you-need features of AWS, a STRATO network can grow at the pace of innovation. With BlockApps on AWS, extremely complex transactions or processes become as simple as possible and STRATO is highly compatible with the security features of AWS, providing unparalleled piece of mind.

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ALTEN Calsoft Labs is a leading enterprise digital transformation solutions and Engineering R&D services company that launched a BioPharma Ledger with STRATO on AWS.

Alten Calsoft is taking advantage of the highly compatible scalability features of STRATO and AWS to expand the platform to handle more clinical trials processes and activities in an agile manner on an as-needed basis.

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Compatible Enterprise Use Cases

Many AWS services (e.g. S3, IAM) are highly compatible with STRATO. This enables STRATO customers on AWS to take advantage of the full suite of STRATO features related to privacy, governance, and data management.

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