BlockApps and Ionixx Technologies announce partnership to build successful blockchain applications for businesses through STRATO Network

BlockApps and Ionixx Technologies announce a partnership to build successful blockchain applications for businesses through STRATO Network.

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Ionixx Technologies Inc., a leading software development firm specializing in mobile, web, and blockchain technologies, to develop and implement successful blockchain projects for startups & enterprise businesses.

Ionixx will be joining the BlockApps Partner Network, an ecosystem of technology and service providers combined with blockchain experts across industries throughout the globe. This Network enables rapid application development, integration, deployment, and enhancement for BlockApps’ STRATO customers and partners.

Through this partnership, customers of Ionixx and BlockApps will benefit from:

  • Full integration with partner’s cloud and other cloud providers
  • Ethereum smart contracts providing a flexible programming language for the Blockchain
  • Rapid deployment for both cloud and hybrid infrastructure
  • Ease of scale, both horizontally and vertically
  • Provision of a robust standard for role-based access control
  • Granular permission control to specific members with consortium networks and can easily assign application-level entitlements.

“We are proud to announce this powerful partnership that will add to our unique value proposition and help generate agile products for Ionixx and its clients. With existing tech giants in our STRATO partner network, such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and the recent addition of Tech Mahindra, the partnership will allow us to expand our services and drive more business for Ionixx.” Kieren James-Lubin, CEO of BlockApps

“Since its inception, Ionixx has assured to deliver agile tech services for brands and businesses across multiple industries and geographies. And now, partnering with BlockApps STRATO will help us achieve transformational and innovative products and digital platforms that will enable our clients to strategize and grow through the ongoing tech revolution called ‘Blockchain 2.0’,” Manju Mohan, CEO & Co-Founder, Ionixx Technologies Inc.

About Ionixx

Founded in 2013, Ionixx Technologies Inc., a brainchild of Manju Mohan, Co-Founder & CEO, and her father, Mohan Kumar Subramanyam, Chairman & Co-Founder, is a full-stack, design-driven product development company that offers mobile, cloud technologies, and custom end-to-end tech solutions to startups, enterprises, and high-growth companies across all industries.

It acts as a one-stop platform that oversees development techniques and provides all the resource requirements under one roof, and delivers successful products and practices innovative tech applications across all platforms of any complexity.

Their specialty is essentially on Blockchain Technology, Design, Product Development, Mobile & Web Development, Cloud Enablement, Testing, DevOps, and Internet of Things.

Headquartered in Los Angeles (USA), the company has its presence and operates out of Toronto (Canada), Chennai (India), and Singapore. India office of Ionixx, also the development center, hosts 80+ in-house qualified designers, architects, programmers, and quality specialists with expertise in iOS, Android, Web, Blockchain, Analytics, and other emerging technologies.

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