Mercata Marketplace Sells First Physical Sports Card on the Blockchain

Mercata Marketplace Sells First Physical Sports Card on the Blockchain

Mercata Marketplace, a blockchain-based e-commerce platform that enables the exchange of physical assets, achieved an exciting milestone on March 21st, 2023 by facilitating the sale of its first two physical sports cards. This inaugural transaction marks Mercata Marketplace’s expansion to facilitate the real-world exchange of physical sports cards. The platform is built by the team at BlockApps on their blockchain STRATO Mercata.

Since its founding, Mercata Marketplace has focused on building a decentralized marketplace infrastructure powered by blockchain technology. The platform leverages smart contracts to connect buyers and sellers of real-world assets like art and other collectibles.

The sale of the two sports cards — a 2007-08 Kevin Durant Rookie PSA 9 card, and a 2010 Rob Gronkowski Rookie RC PSA 10 card — represent Mercata Marketplace’s first successful foray into the physical sports cards marketplace.

“We are excited to have reached this milestone,” said BlockApps Head Of Sales, Jeffry Powell. “Enabling the exchange of physical collectibles and other real-world items has been core to our mission from the beginning. We look forward to continuing to expand into this segment and build the preeminent blockchain-powered marketplace for all types of real-world assets.”

Mercata Marketplace, powered by BlockApps, plans to continue improving its platform to support more types of physical goods and a greater volume of transactions. The company aims to establish itself as a leader in blockchain e-commerce solutions that transcend the limitations of purely digital marketplaces. Overall, this initial sale of sports cards signifies Mercata Marketplace’s progress toward that goal and its promise of a more transparent and efficient global marketplace.

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