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New Blockchain for Agriculture Hub

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new page dedicated to the many applications of blockchain to the agriculture industry, built on our expertise and rich experience in the space.

Our presence has included partnering with leaders like Bayer CropScience to leverage blockchain technology to streamline agricultural systems, as well as forging a network of other like-minded blockchain companies such as Upstate Interactive. Our blockchain product, STRATO’s built-in features offer a uniquely suitable fit for the industry, promising to generate several positive disruptions.


In this page, we have built a uniquely comprehensive resource hub on all things agriculture and blockchain, inclusive of a breadth of use cases, current industry challenges, and a direct line to BlockApps agriculture expert Sid Siefken.

The wealth of use cases included reflect the potential of blockchain and provide a holistic overview on the industry. Sid will be continually updating and adapting these cases and the information included in our new page to ensure that it is reflective of the continually changing landscape it describes.



Industry Challenges

The agricultural industry is facing a host of challenges as its wedged between a growing population, consequent increasing demand, and mounting pressure on natural resources. Farmers must contend with unpredictable weather conditions, increasing environmental regulation, and price volatility.

Moreover, they must do so with inefficient and often archaic systems, the industry tending towards tradition and a slow adoption curve. For example, when it comes to farm management software, only 16.5% of farmers have adopted it, yet it promises to grow yields by 70% without using more resources.

  • Feeding the World’s Growing Population – Higher Yields & Less Waste
  • Bolstering Financial Systems to Protect all Stakeholders
  • Dealing with an Unpredictable Climate
  • Efficiently Integrating New Technology with Old Systems
  • Using Resources Sustainably and Effectively
  • Accelerating a Slow Adoption Curve

We invite you to explore the full picture of agriculture and blockchain on our new page and ask Sid any questions you may have.